PASA noted a strong increasein the numbers of animals

Mainly, the percentage of women affected is 20.55% against 18% expected.

From January to August, the quantity of processed agricultural products is 24,526 tons against a target of 27,070, representing an achievement rate of 90.60%.

The project noted a strong increase of 109.10% in terms of agricultural products. The quantity is 30,765 tons against a target of 28,200 tons.

Over the same period, there was also an increase in the numbers of animals. They are 245,804 heads on a forecast of 271,943 for 90.39%.

Only fishery products results were less encouraging with 3,386 tons recorded against 7,300 tons planned.

But arrangement will be made as soon as the fishery on Lake Nangbeto opens to achieve the goal.

“We will keep our promises; we will get organized so that the objectives can be achieved before the end of the year. We can do it,” promised minister Agadazi.

"Togo has taken important steps in the objectives of the additional envelope of the Agricultural Sector Support Project", welcomed on Friday in Lome, Erick Abiassi, head of a World Bank mission on PASA project.

The supervision mission reviewed with satisfaction the progress made and the results achieved in the framework of the annual budget work plan (PTBA 2018) of PASA project.

The financing mobilized by the World Bank for this additional phase is around CFA 25.874 billion.

PASA is essentially aimed at increasing the income of farmers and also intends to improve sustainably life conditions of rural people, especially the most vulnerable, women and young people.

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