The farmer also expresses his needs

For this format linked to the National Plan of Development (PND 2018-2022), 15 sectors were selected. 

Cotton growers are looking for 35 billion CFA to produce 150,000 tons of cotton. Soybean producers intend to mobilize 9,4 billion to produce 50,000 tons of soybeans. At the same time, processors and traders of soybeans hope to mobilize respectively 7 billion to transform 11,000 tons and 23 billion CFA to market 118,000 tons.

Coffee and cocoa are expecting 34,000 tons; respectively 20,000 tons and 14,000 tons. The sector intends to market 33,940 and sell the remaining 60 tons for local processing.

As far as the cashew industry is concerned, nurseries are ready to offer 900,000 seedlings, producers expect to produce 24,000 tons, processors 6,000 tons and traders 18,000 tons.

While Shea producers plan to produce 35,000 tons of shea, processors want 40,000 tons of shea butter and traders estimate their need up to 80,000 tons of almonds.

In the fruit and vegetable sector, pineapple, onion, tomato and mango producers have pledged respectively 1,000 tons, 4020 tons, 2120 tons and 450 tons, while the demands are respectively 1065 tons, 3000 tons, 2000 tons and 400 tons.

Sesame provides 67,000 tons of production; 10,000 tons for processing and 57,000 tons for marketing. For cassava, 39,990 tons are expected at the level of production against 110,000 tons required by processors.

In maize sector, producers pledged 45,000 tons, processors 2,500 tons and 2,890 tons for market. 11,800 tons of rice are expected. Fonio, the young sector, for his part is committed to offer 3000 tons unshelled.

The actors of the poultry sector need 5000 tons of feed to offer 1,000,000 heads of chicken with the possibility of creating 500 jobs. Each of processors and traders want 1200 tons of chicken.

Aqua culturists plan to produce 1000 tons of fish for the countryside while the freezer commits to transforming and marketing 7200 tons of fish. For ruminants, it is planned 100,000 heads by breeders, 200,000 heads by processors and 100,000 heads by traders.

"To become champions tomorrow it starts with small steps," said Noël Koutera BATAKA, minister of agriculture, animal and fisheries production.

Instructions were therefore given to responsible of each sectors where the offer does not cover the request to get closer to TAAT* experts to acquire more efficient seeds.

The minister is convinced that if the actors manage to realize at least the quarter of what is said, next year they will be celebrating the successes of peasants.


*TAAT is set up by the African Development Bank to take proven agricultural technologies to scale in order to increase productivity in Africa.

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