Transform coffee

This year again, the marketing of these main crops respectively second and third behind cotton will be insured by the Coffee and Cocoa Exporters Council (CECC) who provides support to the functioning of the Export Coordinating Committee.

The minister invited producers to no longer export coffee and cocoa illegally from the national territory and to stick to the commitments signed with the exporters' council.

"Solid instructions are given to the CECC to punish those who will not respect the commitments made on honor in the registration for 2018-2019 campaign," said Legzim-Balouki.

In Togo, coffee and cocoa are grown by 31,203 farmers on 38,058 hectares for coffee and 20,183 hectares for cocoa with around 18,000 tons of cocoa and 12,000 tons of coffee.

The two sectors currently contribute 1.4% to the national GDP and 5.5% to the agricultural sector. The ambition of the authorities is to produce 50,000 tons of coffee and cocoa and transform at least half in the next ten years.

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