Identify them seems to be capital in order to put an end or at least reduce their impacts. It is in this process that the activities of NAPO Yao, agronomist, promoter of organic farming and expert in pineapple culture on polyethylene film, are inscribed. The Agridigitale team met him.

In my role as supervisor of the producers of ananas in a big company of the place, I had to meet a lot of ananaculturists.

The difficulties they encounter can be summarized as follows:

  • the slump in sales,
  • the high cost of vegetative material (rejection),
  • the high cost of a labor sometimes non-existent,
  • the lack of mastery of production techniques,
  • the lack of organization of the sector,
  • the lack of support from financial institutions,
  • the almost non-existent mechanization of the sector,
  • the disease of « Wilt » which remains unresolved.

To overcome these problems mentioned above, it is necessary that the ananaculturists :

  • organize themselves in scoops then in National Union to have a strength in the price’s setting ;
  • have a market and a purchase contract with a buyer to avoid slump
  • are trained on new farming techniques to minimize the impact of lack of manpower for various weeding operations ;
  • opt for growing pineapple on tarpaulins ;
  • manage their cultivation as a professional enterprise by keeping expense books, making operating accounts before starting their parcel.

The company which employs me already works in that way with the ananaculturists of 3 villages of Zio namely Gbatope, Davedi and Hové with the support of GIZ ProDRA. Within each of these villages, there is a scoops ; and a prefectural union caps the 3 scoops.

We are only at the beginning with this organization that will allow us to standardize the selling price of pineapple, regulate the pineapple industry, establish profitable partnerships with the outside world.

The costs of supervision are the responsibility of our company which has also signed a partnership with the GIZ ProDRA.

The ananaculturists cannot correct this slope alone. The government and the buyers must also take part in this work.

Thus, buyers should :

  • organize themselves to fix a single price throughout the national territory   ;
  • grant loans, if possible assistance, to producers   ;
  • guarantee producers to financial institutions such as microfinance and banks   ;
  • sign contracts with producers   ;
  • contribute to the training of producers   ;
  • to do social works in their areas of supply to curb the rural exodus   ;
  • provide producers with more efficient production tools such as tractors   ;

Finally, the government could:

  • establish a development program for the pineapple sector  ;
  • encourage banks to support producers with agricultural loans.

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