Global Entrepreneurship Week in Togo

At the opening of the ninth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Togo, the country representative of the Global Entrepreneurship Networking was very clear.

"Of course, young people are the most vulnerable, but we are also targeting the servant public who can use this event to buy shares in existing companies or create businesses themselves to contribute to the economic growth of our country, " he told agridigitale.

According to him, it is a week to honor and celebrate the entrepreneur on one hand and to deeply reflect on the difficulties of entrepreneurs and propose possible solutions to create an environment conducive to the emergence of businesses in Togo.

For the week, the program is pretty well designed to allow young people to follow the path of seniors to be well equipped and better understand the life of entrepreneurs.

Best entrepreneurial practices will be shared with the participants and presentations will be made on the tools needed to help state and other private structures that support entrepreneurs in Togo.

"The state can no longer insert all young people on its own. So, reforms have been made to allow private initiative to develop," declared Mensah Koffi Franck, Director of Private Sector Promotion, representative of the Minister of Trade and Promotion of the Private Sector.

The activities of the week include debates and B to B meetings on agribusiness; Entrepreneurship and sustainable development goals; Social Entrepreneurship as a tool to fight poverty; Firm social responsibility; New information technologies and Innovation.

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