For the 3rd time, the head of the Government, exposed the report of Togo on the implementation of the 17 goals of sustainable development (ODD), stressing, on the measures taken to modernize Togolese agriculture.

Komi Selom Klassou has indicated that "based on reliable data, Togolese agriculture plays a vital role in food security. It contributes 40 percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) and active offer of employment to more than 70% of the population".

Based on this, he said that the Government was committed to infuse a true paradigm shift by promoting the development of the centres of agricultural transformation, by promoting the development of centres of agricultural transformation, manufacturing and extractive industries able to offer jobs to high-intensity labor and create wealth.

"To establish patterns of consumption and sustainable production (ODD12), the priority is focused on small farm holders with several initiatives in their favour among  which the Incentive Mecanism of Agricultural Funding (MIFA) based on the risk-sharing and easy access to agricultural credit", he said.

The Prime Minister of Togo acknowledged that "land being the first capital in the agricultural sector" Noting that Togo has just voted "a land and domanial Code consensual to better ensure and enhance tenure security to family farmers but" attracting private domestic and foreign investors ".

However, he acknowledges that despite these advances, many challenges remain.

"To address the organizational weakness in the sector and improve the resilience of agricultural stakeholders, a focus is on building the operational capacity. Best training institutes in Agro-developpement (IFAD) are created to combine training and research to the development of agriculture,"he said.

He reminded the Forum that a comprehensive program of the agropoles based on the integrated value chains approach is being implemented with the support of financial institutions such as the African Bank of Development and the West African Bank of Development.

For him, this innovative program is intended to stimulate a professionalized griculture with high value added, well structured and oriented towards agribusiness.

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