Harison Stephanio Andre, native of Atsinanana

This irregularity interpellated Harison Stephanio Andre, a native of Atsinanana, Tamatave in Madagascar. Agridigitale met him and this is what he said:

"The economy of Madagascar depends basically on Agriculture, for the sector occupies 80% of the working population. Nevertheless, Agriculture in Madagascar is not yet professional".

He counts on the MER (Rural Micro Entreprise) program to highlight the sector.

Agriculture in Madagascar

The country is the first producer of vanilla in the whole world. But, agriculture in Madagascar is still archaic. It needs mecanisation. The other crops are coffee, cocoa, wheat, glove, pepper and spices.

Agriculture is promising in Madagascar

We have lands. We have man power. We just need mecanisation to booster Agriculture in Madagascar in order to feed our people  and why not export so that we improve life conditions for producers and by the way contribute to the growth of the economy.

MER instead of producer

The autorities are trying to value the producers through many programs like Prosper financed by FIDA. The peasant is no more called farmer but rather MER (Rural Micro Entreprise).

Doing so, the government shows that the improvement of the Agricultural sector is linked  to the valorisation of the producer.

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