An opportunity for participants to learn about how to succeed in their business. According M. N’POH Balolebé, manager of CIPEA, “four projects will be founded with a loan of 10% instead of 15%.”

Challenge of formation and information

Nowadays, the government is doing his best to attract people into the agricultural sector. And, many people are interested by the sector. But the entrepreneurs lack knowledges. That is why we initiate this forum to share our knowledges. That is, projects wording, strategy of affairs, founding, and marketing.

The best projects will be accompanied

With our partners we are going to select four projects, able to bring an added value to Togolese agriculture. It is a kind of encouragement. “We are going to help them with a loan of 10% instead of 15%.” He said.

What is CIPEA ?

The Interafrican center for economic and affairs promotion is created in 2017 with the main objective to assist agricultural entrepreneurs.

We have already assisted many groups like Alodo from Adeticope, Alono of Keve and many young producers through our microfinance.

As far as agrobisness is concerned, we help people to promote their transformations. At this level we work in collaboration with ITRA (Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research) for the certification. We also find market for sellers locally and worldwide.

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