The fruit sector has potential

But to date, only 60,000 tons of fruits are produced per year and almost half is lost. These are the results from the report of the study commissioned by FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture on fruit and vegetable sectors of Togo.

For Mr. Oyetounde Djiwa, program officer at the FAO office in Togo, the fruit sector has potential and only needs to be improved.

"For this sector to be a real provider of jobs and wealth, it is necessary to improve the processing and conservation circuit as well as the road networks," he recommends.

Nutritionally, economically and healthily, fruits are of great importance. They are sources of vitamins and also antioxidants.

For example, Togo imported a significant amount of fruits and vegetables in 2017, estimated at 8,385 tons, and exported up to 30,665 tons. Imports and exports are respectively valued at 1.4 billion CFA and 4.5 billion CFA.

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