Agri-food economy and rural development specialist, the Agro economist studies not only agricultural problems and food related to the production, transformation and commercialization of the products of the farm, but also analyses the evolution of agricultural markets both in the local and international level.

Kodjovi Lagno, Agro economic engineer for 3 years and Chief Operating Officer for the Organization for the development and the incentive to the self-employment (ODIAE) in Atakpamé in TOGO tell agridigitale what he does as an agro economist. Very exciting!

For him, the Agro economist is a multidisciplinary that intervenes in agronomy, environment (environmental and social impact assessment, assessment of environmental goods; determination of externalities and other...) in the economy ( banks and microfinances).

He testified that financial institutions need the Agro economists to analyse clients business plans, make plans for disbursement according to the evolution of the speculations of operators.

"He is also involved in the drafting of national policies so that all factors are taken into account because risks in agriculture are not comparable to that of other sectors," said Mr. Lagnon.

What does he do exactly?

Graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure d’Agronomie (ESA) at the University of Lomé, Lagno started in 2015 as coordinator of projects at the ONG Frères Agriculteurs et  Artisans  pour le Developpement (FAGAD) with participatory planning of activities with agricultural engineers students designed the farm management, support to farmers on crops such as cotton, groundnuts and the voandzou of NADOBA, the Bean and technically support poultry farmers of VOGAN.

He works also as an individual Consultant writing business plans, coaching of entrepreneurs, analysis of data, monitoring and evaluation of projects and operational research.

His skills allow him to act as adviser in funding, management in marketing, economics, or even analyse the evolution of agricultural markets.

It is therefore in a position to advise the owners of farms on the planning, financing and managing their operations.

He can analyse funding applications submitted by owners of farm businesses to lenders or design and administer government programs for the agri-food sector (farm credit, insurance agricultural etc.)

Lagno also has the opportunity to participate in development projects; monitoring of the projects in progress and proposed recovery plan, what made him say that the Agro economist has a transversal role in success of any agricultural project.

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