110 million animals have already been vaccinated in the Sahel

After Dakar in 2016 and Niamey in 2017, Ouagadougou is hosting since Monday, the 3rd edition of the Technical Meetings around the theme "Improvement of animal health in the Sahelian zone: functioning and structure of veterinary services and cross-border disease management"

Reflections are focused on the effective involvement of pastoralists and pastoral organizations in the success of policies and programs affecting the sector.

For Sommanogo Koutou, minister of animal resources in Burkina , these meetings will not only provide sustainable solutions to the challenges facing veterinary services, but also make animal health a tangible reality in the 6 member countries of project.

Referring to Christian Berger, officer of the project at the World Bank, to date, 110 million animals have already been vaccinated in the Sahel. He hopes that efforts will be continued to achieve the objectives of the project.

The Executive Secretary of the Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS), Dr Djime Adoum, urged the participants for a synergy of action to succeed the unique challenge of building a space where animals keep a growing quality of health.

Important recommendations are expected at the end of the work for the improvement of the sanitary coverage of Sahelian herd.

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