SOYCAINthe leader in organic soybeans

For the ongoing campaign, the company and its 27 partners whose products are certified by Certisy expect 24 thousand tons. For the first day, nearly 250 tons of soybeans were loaded into containers for export at the presence of the dynamic team of 32 young men and women among which Kuami Homanou, the General Manager.

"Before the products collected from the producers enter the store, we take care to check the traceability sheets to ensure that these products are ours. We also ensure that the products have been conveyed in good conditions checking the sheeting of vehicles and the markings on the bags, " Keti Kepehiton, the quality manager of the company told agridigitale.

The collected products packaged in bags will be sorted by maneuvers formed on the requirements and handling of soybean under the supervision of the quality department before being loaded into the containers which will continue the journey.

"In advance of this event, a field work was carried out by zone internal controllers, trained agronomists, assigned by the company throughout the territory, responsible for assisting and monitoring the producers according to the best practices required for product certification, " said Theophile Nindja, head of internal control system

Antoine Yao, Human Resources Manager encouraged all the team mobilized for the operation to be fingering for the success of loading according to the required international standards. In addition to organic soybeans, SOYCAIN is involved in the export of other products such as nutmeg, sesame.

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