Contracts between producers,processors and the Ministry of Agriculture

The discussions during the forum resulted in the signing of contracts between producers and processors and between the Ministry of Agriculture and two financial institutions (BTCI and ORABANK). The latter is for the establishment of a guarantee fund under the supervision of MIFA S.A.

"This agreement between KFB Group (Knowledge-Fusion Builders), BTCI (Togolese Bank of Commerce and Industry) and MIFA SA will allow the acquisition of 300 mini-tractors for the creation of mechanization service companies," reveals Aristide Agbossoumonde, General Manager of MIFA SA.

"Contracts whose turnover for producers is estimated at about 6 billion CFA were signed between producers, processors and traders and the MIFA," explains Mr. Agbossoumonde on Twitter.

In the wake of this agricultural mass, and to show the determination of the government to see new champions emerging in the agricultural world, 35 actors (producers, processors, traders and financiers) of the sector were decorated with either National Order of Merit or officer of the Order of Agricultural Merit by the Prime Minister, Komi Selom KLASSOU.

"Thanks to your tireless efforts, you helped to raise our beloved country Togo in a new dimension with more grandiose perspectives especially with a dynamic of promotion of entrepreneurship and agribusiness at the national level," expresses the Prime Minister.

He seized the opportunity to pay tribute to the brave producers who, according to him, very early understood the vision of the Head of State, Faure Gnassingbe with regard to food security and the need to make the agriculture as the engine of inclusive growth.

"Dear partners of the private sector, the choice to promote the high added-value of sectors such as sesame, cassava, cashew nuts, shea nuts, coffee and cocoa at the international level makes it possible to develop the huge potential of our country, "says Mr. KLASSOU.

On the other hand, the Minister of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Production, Noël Koutera BATAKA listed the various measures taken by the government to meet the expectations of stakeholders in the agricultural sector while creating a favorable environment for the promotion of business.

Optimizing the performance of the agricultural sector today includes the implementation of a number of measures.

Minister BATAKA named among other, the valorization of the soil fertility map; promotion of organic farming wherever possible; the implementation of a quality certification and labeling approach to position Togolese products in niche markets; the identification and development of agricultural land to enhance the advantage of these major factors of production; implementation of support products for water and energy management for the agricultural sector; the operationalization of insurance schemes and social security for the benefit of the peasant world...

With a contribution of 40% in the GDP and offering employment to more than 60% of the population, Togolese agriculture occupies a place of choice in the economy and it is in this respect that it remains one of the essential elements of the PND (2018-2022) precisely in its axis2.

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