According to local residents it is emplemented to serve the village and the surrounding localities in supply and demand, the market is for a large number of people, a source of income generating activity.

Azia, seller of cosmetics and kitchen ingredients reveals the importance of this market.

"I come to Sagbadai market to sell cosmetic products and a few ingredients of the kitchen; in return, I buy from farmers, grain and poultry that I sell once back in Sokode,"she told Agridigitale reporter.

Mohamed is a motorcycle taxi driver.  Every Wednesday, he is based in the Sagbadai market.

"I live in Sokode. At the beginning I would bring a shopkeeper to Sagbadai in the morning to pick her up at night. At some point when I drop her off in the morning, I win some customers on the way home. I finally realized that I could make some money in Sagbadai on Wednesdays. It is more relaxing and profitable. Now when we come I do my business in the locality and we go home together at night," he said. 

For residents, the market of Sagbadai is more than a supermarket. It is at the same time their pharmacy, their store of ready to wear, cosmetics, their drinks shop, briefly their cultural center, it provides to them almost all their needs of the week.

Besides, it is for them, an opportunity to sell their agricultural products higher than if they were in their localities.

Sagbadai market serves principally, Kparioh, Tchitchao, Moza, Bozalou et Sagbadai itself.

Despite his slightness, the market mobilise weekly many people who benefit from it.

Residents, traders and all the actors are happy for this treasure revealed. And they all thank God for it.

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