Tchilabalo Gilbert TANI

That is the view point of Tchilabalo Gilbert TANI, Expert in Monitoring Evaluation and Project Management. Especially for Togo, he called for the adoption of water control techniques to allow agriculture to truly take off.

For him, the vagaries of the rain discourage bankers and investors to invest into the sector.

"If an investor has the guarantee of a production thanks to the control of water, he will install his unit because he knows that whatever the case, he will get out of it", he told agridigitale.

A vicious habit

In Togo, farmers burn the plant cover and start exploiting. After two years, they expand and continue. They just destroy without trying to focus on a given area.

According to Tani, “such a practice delays agricultural development in developing countries.”

The government launched the tone

For large-scale water control, the government has already launched two developed zones in Kovie (600 to 700 hectares) and in Bas-mono (Agomé-Glozou).

Kara agropole also integrated the control of water, a progress to be hailed and carried on a more important scale.

Tani’s three formulas

The expert explains that “if we control water, we will increase production, yield and consequently reduce the exploitable areas because an area under water control, saves three times more than a slash and burn agriculture.”

He suggests three formulas

The gravity irrigation that allows to have a water reservoir and its distribution along a contour, a dam located upstream and as soon as you open the channels, it allows to irrigate plots downstream.

Then, the pumping techniques that can pump and irrigate directly with piping the areas wanted.

There is also small irrigation. Here, it is always necessary to pump water with a source of energy to send it at altitude to irrigate the parcels.

Tani asks private investors to install irrigation units in Togo to allow the country to reduce its massive importation of vegetables and off-season products.

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