Promoter of this event, AHOSSOU Komlan

This is a national contest to promote the usage of agricultural local products by the cooks. For the promoter of this event, AHOSSOU Komlan, a consultant trainer in taste education, we cook well but we eat badly what has a negative impact on our health.

AHOSSOU Komlan is the President of the Association of Young Professionals of the Hotel Industry of Togo (AJPHT).

He is also a nutritional health advisor who has decided to take up with the AJPHT the challenge of enhancing the value of agricultural local products in our kitchens through the events it organizes.

At the first edition, only 4 persons had participated from whom 3 were awarded. At the second edition, the participation rate has doubled with the participation of 9 Togoleses. Among them, 2 came from Nigeria, 1 from Grand- Popo (Benin) and the rest from Togo.

The latter presented dishes rich in ingenuity and originality. This time, the top 2 participants were strongly awarded. The second edition was attended by delegates from the Slow Food Africa network from Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

This event is the beginning of a series of communication activities conducted by the AJPHT which will aim to: make Togolese cooks aware of the importance of upgrading our local products and to implement throughout the national territory the presence of more and more restaurants that only offer dishes made from local fresh and organic products picked directly from the field.

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