Poverty in rural areas

If nothing is done to change things, African cities will experience demographic explosions because of rural exodus.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is already sounding the alarm warning that Africa will have more than 800 million assets in addition by 2050.

The consequence is the massive flow of this potential factor of untapped agricultural development, from rural areas to cities in search of well-being.

According to AfDB data, population growth in Africa is shedding 13 million young people every year.

This will necessarily increase the rate of poverty in rural areas and a situation that cannot be overcome in cities.

Useful and exploitable in their environment, they become an obstacle for urbanization and headache for urban authorities who are already struggling to face unsanitary, housing and delinquency.

To prevent this happening, African leaders must take their responsibility by developing the agricultural sector, the main source of employment for the continent.

A sustainable and modernized agriculture can take into account a large part of this active population and prevent the black-out of 2050.

To achieve this, the modernization of the sector through sustained mechanization, control of water, development of new technologies, access to energy, land and financial services and the development of agro-industry, is essential for effective insurance of the ideal living environment in rural areas.

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