Access to the market, the slump in sales, the availability of inputs, access to funding are among other concerns of the agricultural world.

BESSI Pagnipatome, seed corn and soybeans at  Adjingre

 I hope that our situation is  going to improve. It is difficult for us to sell our products. We suffer from the slump.

We buy the basic seed at 960 It's too expensive! Then, we pay fees to be followed by detectives

We pay 30,000 francs on plots of corn and 25,000 francs on the plots of soybeans.

For certifications, we pay 5000 by sample; This is equivalent to 3 tons per reproduction. But sale does not follow. We wuish the governement  found the market.


AGBEDJI Yao Anani, breeder of poultry and cattle in Agou Gadzepe, in the village of Agbeve

We have funding problems to control our animals. When we bring our poultry to market is cheap for us. There are problems because the production cost is too hihig.

When we let our animals wander, they destroy the production of people, then it causes many prproblem. That is why we have to lock them and feed them ourselves. We hope that at the end of this forum, the mill costs will be reduced.

AMETEPE, General Secretary of UNICOOPEMA

At the end of the forum, we would like to see funding promised by the State to be effective.

Structures mustbbe financed and trained in capacity-building. Today, our products are becoming more and more rare, so researches must be done at this level in order to create areas of shoal of fish in the waters.

Very often, they said that our children come out of universities. They say they are doctors of Agronomy, but we do not even have a single Institute or structure specialized in fishing.

We wish there were a fishing Academy where children are going to specialize in fishing.

We lack inputs. Our yarns are sold by expatriates. Ourselves, we don't have our own sfishin. We have to import everything. We lack bait, float, snuggles, outboard machines sold by CFAO. 

It will be better if fishing actors can buy themselves these articles in addition to the support of the State and donors.

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