Kanka-Malik Natchaba, chief of the Presidential Cell introduced "Parcours Creatifs"

A success, he was called to share with youth through «Parcours creatifs», initiated by the Presidential Cell of Execution and Following Prioritary Projects conducted by Kanka-Malik Natchaba.

At the beginning of his speech,  he acknowledged that his success is made of a lot of failures.

At the end of his speech, Dona expressed himself at the mike of agridigitale.

Happy to share

I am very happy to share my experiences with the youth in order excite them. It is not always easy but, they have to be strong in their mind.

I thank the members of the presidential cell for all they are doing for the youth.

Confidence to youth

The government is now trustful to youth involved into projects of  development. That is why I am part of MIFA. Therefore, it is very important for youth to innovate in order to serve the country.

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