Export product made in Togo to the whole USA

Everything started with Tapioca, Gari made of cassava, palm oil.

The challenge of quality and packaging made him create Togo Trade Hub &Standard Corp, specialized in the sale of agro alimental products and control of quality and standard.

With all the certifications required, Orphee's only dream is to invade the United States with Togolese products.

The strategy at the beginning was to look for the opportunities for togolese products in america. And for it, we introduced gari, tapioca all made of cassava and palm oil. The demands were so large that we have decided to create our company.


Since then, all the products made in Togo are very well appreciated in the USA.

After that, we faced the challenge of packaging. To resolve the problem, we come back to Togo.

TOGO TRADE HUB and the challenge of packaging

The objective is to help Togolese transformers to master the norms required by the market in America. As far as the packaging is concerned, we give them technical councils. Presently, we are in collaboration with 90% of transformers in Togo. And 40% of them have their products in the USA.

Need of institutionnal support

We are doing our best for the exportation of products made in Togo to America. But, we need supports from both the government and the USAID to strengthen the relationship between our company and our partners in the USA and the transformers in Togo to sustain the climate of affairs between our two countries.

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