Onion, a very promising sector in Burkina Faso

"From 2010, the State and the partners have invested a lot to support us in terms of research and capacity building. In addition, several lands have been developed for the benefit of producers," testifies to agridigitale, Kanazoe Mahamadi, president of the Inter Professional Committee of the Onion Industry of Burkina-Faso.

In the country, the sector feeds its man. For an investment of 1 million CFA, the inter profession of the onion sector of Burkina-Faso announced a profitability between 2 and 3 million CFA per hectare all year long.

Mr. Mahamadi said that at the level of the inter professional, they advise anyone wishing to get into the industry to set up a cannery before starting to produce.

"By doing so, we not only solve the rot problem, but if you produce and the market is unfavorable, you put them in the cannery and when the market is favorable you can get it out," he told agridigitale promising that "if all the technical route is respected (nursery, weeding, supply of organic manure, transplanting), one hectare gives 2 to 3 tons per year."

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