The doors are closed

Estimated at 193 million, the project was financed by World Bank through PASA with 181 million (94% of the total amount).

It was destined to the transformation of peanuts and soy into refined oil and oilcake.

18 months later…

The project is supposed to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy through the locality and 10 thousand peasants. The buildings are there. The raw material is stocked. But the doors are closed! Accordingly, it depends on engine damage. The latest news said that the defective fragment is acquired but not yet changed.

Now that everything is blocked, everybody is waiting for the first drops of Yelivo oil made in Togo. These are the financier, the other shareholders and the peasants. 

It is very important for the authorities to resolve this problem in order to avoid restraint from investors in agriculture.

Technical file of the project 

The oil-mill of Sokode was conceived to be supplied by 4 ESOP (Enterprises of Services and Organisation of Peasants) in Dankpen, Tandjouare, Anie, Tchamba and the peanuts ESOP based at Bassar.

With a production capacity of 3000 tons per year until 2019 and 6000 tons from 2020, its main objective was to increase and secure the income of 10.000 peasants among which 40% women insuring for them, opportunities on the market.

1.8 billion CFA would be shared between 2017 and 2019 to the peasants. Partnerships would be created between organised peasants, manufacturers and sellers. It targeted 3000 to 10000 producers from 2017 to 2019 with 2050 employments (2000 pro terms and 50 permanents).

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