Break the chain of propagation of cocoa diseases

Producers and technical structures of management of the sector (ITRA, ICAT) are provided with technical data sheets to identify and report the presence of diseases as quickly as possible in their cocoa field for an integrated management.

As soon as an anomaly is found, the technical structures will be seized and intervene to counter the identified disease and break the chain of propagation so as to save the crop and reduce the damage.

"It is important that our producers can be trained on the recognition of the symptoms of this disease so that as soon as they appear in the fields they can call on the technical structures to recognize the disease and take measures to limit their occurrence.  These diseases cause a lot of damage in the cocoa sector around the world," said Dr. Chantale Goto, Program Manager at Togolese Institute for Agricultural Research (ITRA).

Five technical sheets for the recognition and management of cocoa diseases were given to producers in Plateaux region to stem parasite pressure and preserve the sector.

The first record deals with all diseases and pests; then two larger sheets focus on new diseases that are not yet in Togo and the last two cards talk about insects.

"These data sheets will first allow our technicians and producers to quickly recognize the diseases on the ground and put in place adequate measures to fight them," said Dr Ayefoumi ALE Gonh-Goh, head of ICAT.

Cocoa is the 3rd agricultural export product after cotton and coffee in Togo.

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