This is an exciting story of a man orphaned of mother from an early age who today lives on earth.

« I was a child when I lost my mother. So I have not got the opportunity to go to school. I was following the oxen of my dad. The latter kept telling me that it is thanks to the land that he owned this herd. »

And further: « in these times I benefited from the milk of cows. One day, while I was in the bush with cattle, I thought that if my dad keeps telling that the earth is promising, it is that there is a hidden treasure. »

Purchase of beef

I made my first step in agriculture at 25. My first step field of yams allowed me to buy a beef. A stranger in the area had produced about two tons of rice on a plot around one hectare that my dad gave him.

I followed his steps to the next campaign. My first performance was of 15bags of 50kg on a plot of approximately a square (625m2). I sold 2/3 ». I added some money to buy a mill, send my son who was 7 years at school and buy a bike to him.

The following year, I was able to collect 6500,000cfa Francs to buy a motorcycle Yamaha of 450,000 at Kara and save the rest.

My father was not wrong to repeat myself that agriculture is promising

 I understood that my father was not wrong to repeat that agriculture is promising. This has never ceased to be my source of motivation.

Today, I’m not complaining.

I have twenty-one dependant and I exploit almost 25 hectares on which I grow rice and further speculations such as corn, cotton, yams, sorghum and millet.

The future assured

If I have to go back, I will always choose agriculture. Only the challenges I face, is the fact that I didn’t go to school.

If I had been there, maybe I could better manage my property. But, thank God, I sent my kids to school. They are now close to me to complete everything I missed.

The eldest is already working in à local microfinance institution. I sent the cadet in the neighbouring countries, in search of knowledge of Islam.

It is now my mosque imam. Another learned to drive the tractor. I put a tractor at his disposal.

A single dream, becoming champion in agriculture

My dream is to excel in agriculture and be part of the first producers in the country and to do this, I will not stop my own modern ways to boost my performance.

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