Adjehi Thomas DADIE

He reminds that "most gardeners use animal droppings as fertilizer to enrich the soil for good culture."

This practice became commonplace in agriculture and more specifically in market gardening is increasingly favored over chemicals.

"The manure is largely contaminated by microorganisms that can be pathogenic for humans," warns the professor in Lome for the scientific days.

His concern is justified by the fact that most market garden products are not cooked before consumption.

"Most of these vegetables are not cooked before consumption, so if you don't clean them well before you consume them you are exposed to a number of diseases," says the Professor.

He specifies that the use of manure is not a bad thing. However, he urges researchers to quickly appropriate it as research topic to see what hygienic treatment is recommended for producers to use secure way to have less contamination.

"From a research point of view, what we can do is improve its use, to reduce or avoid agents able to cause health problems such as gastric infections and diarrheal diseases caused by microbes following the consumption of market gardening products ", he confided to agridigitale.

Moreover, Professor DADIE strongly suggests "to sensitize the population on the risks and then to convert them to the practices allowing the hygienization favoring a safer culture.

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