Aged approximately 30, Koudjoukahalo Essozewou lives in Atchangbade, 13 km from Kara in the northern part of Togo.

She has no mango tree. But she sells mangoes. She collects mangoes in the bush, selects, cleans  the best pack her basin and go for Atchangbade market where she sells them every Monday.

"I do it every year to finance my Agricultural activities. And this year, my target is 20.000F. CFA", she told Agridigitale.

Mangoes change ESSO statut

Like Koudjoukahalo, ESSO, student in Sagbadai, not yet 15 years old, collects mangoes from the Bush and sells. He uses the benefits to buy clothes, school articles and feed himself at school.

Improvement of fooding

When mangoes abund, it contributes to the improvement of fooding. Either for the urbans or for the rural populations.

For the first, it is the best moment to afford desserts at smallest prices. And for the seconds, it is a source of income that changes their life conditions.

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