Mô plain is still isolated

More than three hours to browse 100 km of stony road from Sokode to reach there.

"On Wednesdays and Thursdays (market days of Djarkpanga and Tindjassi), it is necessary to pay attention to the risk of being crushed by goods transport vehicles often break down on the way," a regular to the road testifies to a reporter of agridigitale.

Met in Tindjassi Souleyman added: "It's a nightmare for me when I take this road."

Besides the road, it is also necessary to notice the aspect of constructions surrounding the social and educational infrastructures set up by the project.

Neither the landscape, nor did life conditions of inhabitants change.

In some places, mobile phone network is still a rare commodity that mobilizes crowds around specific points where they have to update their contact book before returning next time.

"Mô plain can be a paradise for those who are born and still living there. I have not seen anything that can be compared to a paradise. When I am staying, I am obliged to refuel much of things before getting there, otherwise, it is difficult to find even vegetables," suggested a wife of an employee on duty in the plain.

What to keep?

Togolese government, in its desire to positively change Mô plain, received support from donors.

Today, even if the project supposed to bring this breath to the beneficiary population is still active, the change made after 7 years, remains to be appreciated by everyone based on his understanding of development and change.

What to improve?

Some actors of development speak out their view point. "The road of development goes through the development of the road. It is necessary to facilitate the access and the conditions to investors or actors for an effective development of the zone. The first aspect of the isolation of Mô plain is the road, not considering this aspect in the project would be a mistake," analyze some observers.

"I am surprised by the fact that 4,500 hectares of ZAAP (Planned Agricultural Planning Area) are planned in the plain. First of all, it is an attack to the environment, especially for this small plain. Then, Mô plain is recognized for its production of yam. Are they going to produce yam on these ZAAP?" wonders a development actor.

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