Take the fruits before the hot meal

It's good. But, according to nutritionists, this mixture each morning is very dangerous for, it overloads the body and exposes to serious public health problems.

"Whoever takes porridge and mixes with cake which has become a reflex for us, overloads his body and can easily develop diabetes," inform nutritonists.

Fruits before, and not after the meal!

Nutritionists also note that fruits are poorly consumed or simply neglected despite their contribution of vitamin and mineral salts. In the body, the fruits are digested via the small intestine, so that someone who consumes fruits and vegetables preserves his life and his health.

Fruits also strengthen the immune system and protect the body against several diseases such as cancer, diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases etc.

"It is always better to take the fruits before the hot meal to benefit from all their nutrients but if you take them after the meal, you will benefit of course but not entirely and it is in this that the fruits remain essential elements for our health, " they advise.

Every day, it is for example recommended to take banana, very rich in magnesium. This fruit helps a lot those who have cramp problems. Besides banana, there is orange (rich in vitamin C) and melon.

Melon, rich in vitamins A and E helps to correct vision and maintain good eye health.

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