A few hours before the closing of the Pitch AgriHack 2019 (picture @CTAflash)

A few hours before the closing of the Pitch AgriHack 2019, founders and co-founders of e-agricultural start-ups can quickly apply. It concerns companies that own platforms (applications, websites, hardware using software, etc.) offering digital services to the agricultural sector.

Launched by the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), in collaboration with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, GreenTec Capital Africa, and with the contribution of the World Bank, FAO and other partners, Pitch AgriHack 2019 aims at supporting the development of services offered by young e-agricultural start-ups and help accelerate the adoption of innovations for higher productivity in the agri-food sector.

To register, startups are invited to provide detailed information on the problems targeted by their solution, the technical solution proposed, the key indicators, the targeted customer segments, the unique value proposition compared to the competition, the structure of their costs, sources of income and other information about their businesses.

They will have to prove that the structure is officially registered as a company or that the procedure will be finalized one month before the final.

Who can participate in the Pitch AgriHack 2019?

Anyone living in any of the African and Caribbean countries and the Pacific (ACP) signatories of the Cotonou Agreement with the European Union may freely submit their application.

The organizers say that "50% of the finalists will be companies founded or co-founded by women." Winners will receive cash prizes (grants). A winning start-up will receive up to 15,000 euros in cash.

In addition to grant contracts, all winners will receive: a set of publications (management books, agriculture and ICTs); participation in regional or international capacity building or networking events.

The final of the competition will take place next September in Accra (Ghana) during the 2019 edition of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF 2019).


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