Issa Baoua Nouhou for food self-sufficiency

Graduated and researcher in molecular biology, the man is the technical support at the department of research at the Inter-State Committee against Dryness in the Sahel (CILSS).

For eleven years he has been helping producers to succeed their crops, and also keeping them for welding.

A fight focused on three priorities

We have the land, we have ground and surface water. But, we don’t focus on agriculture, if not on cereals. My ambition is to set up gardens in residences to guarantee self-consumption in fruits for families.

In Niger, the rainy season, lasts only three months. The harvest of that period is not enough to cover the whole year as far as consumption is considered. Then, we have food difficulties. I am planning to support rural communities to be food self-sufficient. The project is to accompany them so that we set market garden sites that will fill the blankness of the year.

I also make vegetable gardens that I install in homes or residences. It is good for the body. It arranges the sight and also enables to breathe natural air.

My advices

I start with African youth. Very often, we are attracted by the west. But, what we do not know is that westerners understood earlier that land is profitable. They work it and they wish to have large areas to exploit better. Why we, African youth cannot focus on that same land to develop our countries as others?

For the governments, I would like to say simply that they must invest in agriculture, especially in rural areas. We need support for training and accompaniment to exploit our lands in order to make them useful for us.

Baoua is ready to share his knowledge in other countries of the continent so that Africa can move forward and get developed.

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