Bill Gates (L) and Faure Gnassingbe (R)

"If we don’t do it, we will not win the battle against climate change", he said at One Planet Summit initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron in New York.

He makes it clear that energy is very well available in Africa, and that governments lack means to make it accessible for all the population, especially vulnerable families.

"A widow in a remote place in my country, every morning, she has to go, she has to travel for maybe 5 to 10 km to cut wood come back and prepare," he laments before arguing that "if that person can have access to energy that would make her life a lot easier. "

He explained that, the great challenge for Togo and Africa “is to make the difference between the availability of energy and the access to energy”.

He therefore launched an appeal to investors

President Faure invites the private sector to invest into renewable energy so that they can double access to energy from 30 to 60% by 2030 for vulnerable people.

"The resources of governments are limited and alone, we cannot do it. We want to engage investors and equipment manufacturers. What we need is to find a mechanism to reduce the risks associated with investment in remote areas, investments have to be made in the most useful places", Faure Gnassingbe pleads.

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  1. Ewovi kèbi say:

    Le Togo mon pays a une forte potentialité agricole mais je pense au système de maîtrise de l'eau a mon avis le systèmeTunisien de collection de l eau de surface en utilisant de bâche est bien à expérimenté j invite les Décideurs a pencher le regard sur ce aspect merci

    01/10/2018 03:09:18

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