Fight against soil degradation

This African training center based in Togo has just received 24 million CFA from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the organic regenerative agriculture project in Togo.

In 18 months, the funds will be used to offer innovative solutions to farmers in order to end soil degradation.

During this period, the Institute is committed to promote bio fertilizing production practices based on cow dung; captures of microorganisms; coating of seeds; production of Bokassi compost.

"The health of the land is becoming a development priority, our agricultural land is degrading, and for agricultural and forestry production, better land management is becoming paramount, and what we are going to do is to use the practices based on local materials. Not imported practices, but those inherent to our habits. These practices are already tested and proven, " Sena Adessou, national director of INADES told agridigitale.

The project includes among other things, training for 250 development actors, a pilot site for the production and marketing of agricultural inputs in the city of Dapaong (Savanna region, North Togo).

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