Workshop in Kara region

Coming from different departments like DSID, ICAT, DAEMA, NSCT of the Ministry in charge of agriculture  and farmers' organizations, these technicians had two days to immerse themselves in the principles of MIFA (Agricultural Crop Incentive Mechanism) and digital issues.

This data collection operation is a real challenge for the initiators who want a single database on which all actions, including essentially MIFA, will be based. "The success of Mifa will depend on this operation," insisted Dr. Ale Gonh-goh Ayefouni, head of the Institute for Advice and Technical Support (ICAT).

There were also a briefing session for the staff of the different regions of the Institute, on the restructuring and the new orientations of the ICAT.

It should be noted that this training which initiates the operationalization of the enlistment of the actors of the agricultural sector is within the framework of the reforms instituted in the sector to transform it deeply in order to reach the results expected by the National Plan of development (PND 2018-2022).

After Kara and Savanes, Maritime and Central regions will follow for the second phase, then Plateaux for the third phase which is scheduled for April 25th.

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