BELEI Donguila Yves

However, obstacles such as endemics still have significant impacts on the performance of the breeders, although the disease has declined. Veterinary doctor and expert consultant, BELEI Donguila Yves thinks that the first thing to do before any other attempt of eradication of the evil such as the management of the pathology is the identification of the animals.

"Whenever we don’t identify the animals, the management of the pathology will be only a dream," Dr.  BELEI told agridigitale.

"For example, you find an animal in a slaughterhouse that is tuberculosis and after a veterinary inspection, there is total seizure, how can we go back to the herd to take sanitary measures if the animals are not identified? " he wonders.

Dr. BELEI's proposal has gone beyond the theoretical phase. The idea was already implemented in pilot phase in the savannah region with IDANAF software (Identification of Animals for Africa) thanks to Togolese Government supported by the African Union.

"Currently more than 200 thousand animals are registered on the operational version available to the Ministry of Agriculture in Togo," he said specifying that the app allows among other things to know the weight, the age of animals and so on.

"The animal through his geographical position has a code corresponding to the village and the farm in which it is located. When you type the code of the farm, you have the name of the owner, the neighborhood and the village where it lives. When a new calf is born, is possible to know it from the ground up, " he explained.

Graduated from a veterinary school in 1991, Dr. BELEI served several years as a veterinarian in his native country before moving to France to get specialized in food and communities’ hygiene at the Institute Pasteur of Lille.

In addition to this training, he has a specialization in administration, management of health risks on the territory and animal insemination. He worked on several projects and taught in Western universities before making the decision to be otherwise helpful in serving his country.

Currently, he is responsible of the Agro-Expertise Group, specialized in animal production (specimen selection and artificial insemination); studies-design-realization of agro pastoral and agro-food projects, capacity building (CAP, BEP, BT and BTS) and hygiene (environmental, hotel and hospital) identification of animals with an available database.

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