IAAS Africa congress in Benin

In seven days, these young people from Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Togo will reflect on the type of agriculture that is best suited in the context of climate change, all within a sustainable development perspective.

"It is time that we the researchers, help farmers by providing them with the necessary information on the changes and variations so that they can prepare their field accordingly," suggests Pr. AMOUSSA HOUNKPATIN WALIOU, Director of International Training in Food, Nutrition and Sciences (FIANS) of Benin and sponsor of the 31st congress.

"As far as we don’t face the same realities, it is important that we come together from time to time to share our different experiences in agriculture and nutrition to improve the cultural understanding of all actors," he added.

In the current context of climate variability that has completely altered agricultural calendars, young Africans of the International Association of Agronomy and Related Science Students (IAAS) do not intend to leave farmers to their own fate.

"Land is our first wealth in Africa. As youth, if we are not interested by agriculture from now, in a few years we will regret it," says Karl AGBODOSSIMATI, National President of IAAS Benin. The activities will end on December 09 with the election of a new office.

"We have regional director, regional exchange coordinator, regional finance coordinator, regional communications director and external relations coordinator", said Desmond Nanayaw, the current regional finance coordinator.

Founded in 1957 in Tunisia by eight countries, IAAS is today one of the largest students organization in the world with members in more than 40 countries from five continents.

It is specialized in promoting and sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas to enhance mutual understanding among students in the fields of agronomic and related sciences.

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