Hens laying very profitable

Agridigitale met him and this is what he said: "When I had 100 chicks, my monthly income was 300.000Fr.Cfa. I have started with 6.000.000Fr.CFA."

Here is for you, in the first part of this file, the requirements of his Job

The chicks

For long ago, it comes from Ghana and Europe but since 2010 the incubation is made locally with eggs from Deutschland. It is also done on the campus of Lome. It costs between 750 and 1100Fr. CFA.

A careful work

When we receive the chicks, we put them in a special cleaned room where the temperature is maintained the at normal to avoid their death. Two months later, we take them to the henhouse were they start laying between two to four months if they are very well fed and treated.

Each stage each alimentation

During their life time, the hens pass through three stages: The start-up( zero to two months) ; The growth ( height to sixteen weeks)

And they laying stage (around eighteen weeks).

We use the same ingredients to feed them during their three phases, but according to the stage we variate the rate of protein or energy.

Food supplying

For long ago, we suffer for foods. We used to make eat ourselves but recently, firms specialized are installed.

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