ESA contributes to agricultural and rural development including the provision of adequately trained resources to the country, on one hand  and the results of its research activities for the improvement of agricultural productivity on the other hand.

How did this school contribute to the development of the agricultural and rural world?

Dr. Amen Yao NENONENE, Professor and Deputy Director of ESA(UL) explained to AgriDigitale that this school since its inception, has achieved outstanding performance.

ESA contributed greatly to the development of Togo, through the provision of more than 800 trained executives and meets the needs especially in the public sector on one hand, and the results of its research activities for the improvement of agricultural productivity through innovation on the other hand.

From 1972 to 1981, with human, material and financial resources relatively sufficient insured by the Government, the school trained and offered to the institutions of agricultural development in the country, Executive and versatile enough including the agricultural engineers.

From 1981 to 2008, it is characterized by the reinforcement of the scientific capacity of the establishment for the training of senior managers for the agricultural and rural sector. During this phase, ESA(UL) has provided training for agronomists engineers design in three options namely agricultural economics, crop production and animal production.

What do students of ESA become after their graduation?

Students graduated from ESA have many opportunities. Whether in private and public administration in the areas of agriculture, environment, education and research and of various services.

Thus, major employers of graduates of the school are from government departments in charge of Agriculture, environment, education and research, at the base, of rural infrastructure development and other NGOs development, engineering offices and structures of micro finance.

They are unanimous in saying that the graduates of the school and more particularly the engineers and trained by ESA/UL design agricultural engineers are very competent.

So the employability of these graduates is strong

Almost half of the size of the school's teaching staff is made up of major graduates of the school.

In addition, positions of responsibility of administration and services of the Ministry of Agriculture, NGOs and engineering involved in agricultural and rural development are undertaken by graduates of ESA(UL).

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