Kodjo Adedze, head chief of OTR (picture www.republicoftogo.com)

The customs value of a commodity is the sum of the purchase price, transportation and insurance. And, the customs rate is applied on this value. 

If this value is reduced by 45%, this means that the customs fees to be paid will be reduced. If for example, the operator should pay 100 Fr CFA to OTR, the latter asks him to pay only 55 Fr CFA.

"This is a huge benefit for both the operator and the authority in terms of clearance volume over the end of the year," welcome economic operators.

"Anyway, it is a boon for economic operators if OTR makes a discount on the value of customs. It must effectively encourage operators especially those of the agricultural world to seize the opportunity," thinks Marius Bagny, boss of SHALEV TECH company specialized in the distribution of agricultural equipment.

He urged the authority to "hold a briefing session for farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to explain the tax schemes and exemptions provided by the law for them."

According to specialists, the measure taken by the Authority at the end of the year concerns only products waiting to return to Togo.

They explain that the wording "depending on the case" in the advertisement is intended to protect or not local production because some entries are detrimental to local production hence the measure of protection (high tariffs).

Whatever the case, importers of materials or agricultural inputs can take advantage of this gift from OTR.

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