The fishing station of Aneho

Most of them come from lagoon and fluvial areas such as the Volta Region to discover new market in the fishing station of Aneho, located at the opposite of the town hall of this historic city of Togo.

"The place I come from is saturated, the fishing activities are developed and the market is overflowing, Aneho is for us the discovery of a new market," says Sissi Ameyo.

Sissi and his friends use to face the waves already at 3 o'clock at dawn. They go to Ghana and return only in the afternoon.

Their products are sold to women who sell them back to consumers and other resellers.

Modern equipment

Sissi and his teammates use modernized equipment, wide-open canoes equipped with engines and large nets for fishing at sea, acquired in Ghana; nothing to do with the boats we see on the sea, rowing with difficulty and going in the direction of the wind. The modern canoe costs around 3.5 million CFA. It can be bought on order and brought to Togo by sea.

Several actors involved in booty sharing

The profit made by the fishermen is shared between the team and the owner of the equipment. "The problem is that the canoes are not our properties, and we are 11 to share our part," says Sissi.

Whatever the case, with his income Sissi takes care of his family in Ghana and manages to pay the house rented in Aneho.

For him, it is better to live in Aneho than his home town.

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