Kokou AZIATO, Food Engineer

Referring to Kokou AZIATO, Food Engineer and Chief of Food Quality Control Section at ITRA, "the certification is a guarantee given to a product to declare it clean from a physicochemical and microbiological point of view".

Engineer Aziato unveils the procedure to follow to obtain this certificate of health at the level of Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research.

Two types of analysis

“There are two types of analyzes on the product: the physic chemistry that is carried out at the level of ITRA.  It consists of analyzing the intrinsic parameters of the product, and the microbiology that is done in collaboration with the National Institute of Hygiene (INH). We ask for microbiology when we find that the product may be microbiologically dangerous,” he told agridigitale

With 10,000 CFA, get the certificate for local products. In the case of local production, ITRA pays a visit to the unit to see if good hygiene and quality practices are followed.

Then we come to the level of the unit to see the arrangements made for the production to take place in good conditions.

Recommendations are made if necessary and afterwards you are given the time to produce. Then, we come back to take the stock for analyzes, compare with the standards and if the results are satisfactory, you have the health certificate.

"The certification of ITRA costs 10.000 CFA and the displacement is the responsibility of the customer", underlines Mr. Aziato who specifies that "the certificate of ITRA is authentic locally and internationally."

What about imported products?

In the case where the product is imported, we go to the store where the product is stored and we check the original papers that have attested to the quality of the product from where it is conveyed.

Then we check if the laboratory that is recognized or authorized. Afterwards, certain parameters analyzed at the level of the original analysis are selected to check the accuracy of what is also written on the product.

If everything is correct, we give a paper called healthiness certificate to the person. Valid for one year, the certificate costs 10,000F. However, the cost of analysis varies between 50,000 CFA and 150,000 CFA per product depending on the parameters to be analyzed.

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