Antonio Guterres, General Secretary of UN

At the occasion this year, emphasize is put on the importance of safe spaces for youth.

"When youth have safe spaces to engage, they can effectively contribute to development, including peace and social cohesion." acknowledged the United Nations.

In his speech, for the occasion, Jose Graziano da Silva, General Director of United Nations' for Food and Agriculture(FAO) highlights the importance of creating opportunities for youth to face social and economic challenges In Africa and all parts of the world.

"This is a crucial issue for all continents, but especially for Africa where about 10 millions youth must enter the labour market every year», he said.

He expressed his gladness for the fat that "agriculture sector and especially food chain will remain the most important source of jobs and income for a large share of africans in the coming years."

But, he pulled the alarm worning that "we cannot expect that such a high number of youth people will find employment in the traditional agricultural sector. »

To face the issue, the general director of FAO is proposing the exploration of potentialities in non-farm activities that are linked to the rapid urbanization in course and the growing demand of food coming market.

For him, “Infrastructure investments help to connect food producers, agro-industrial processors, and other segments of the food value chain.”

He also pointed out  the necessity of better provision of basic services to rural areas, such as education, health, internet access and communication technologies and the adoption of a territorial approach to strengthen the links between small urban centers and their surrounding rural areas.

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