Yador Kokou Mawuli

The beginning of the agricultural campaign is for very soon. Impossible to see the small producers of Gadzagan (100km far from Lome) at home between 7am and 5.30pm. They are in their field preparing the ground for the launch of the first season.

YADOR grows corn and cassava exclusively for his own consumption. Since 1994, he is specialized in the production of palm trees on 5ha in Tsiveme (5km far from the national road).

"When I harvest the diets, sometimes I sell a part, but my wife takes the big part to make palm oil that we stock in cans of 25l for sale. The price of this oil can has fallen to 10,000 CFA, but until November, the same quantity can be sold 25,000 CFA," he explains.

Nothing is useless on the palm tree. Its lugs can be used as firewood; its ribs make racks and baskets; the kernel is used to produce palm kernel oil used in the manufacture of soap and ointments.

The residues of the various burned diets are used as compost. After 15 or even 20 years, the plant can be cut to extract palm wine and make sodabi (local drink).

In case of emergency (health problem or funeral), YADOR used to look for those who are in the manufacture of palm wine and Sodabi.

"When I find a taker, I bring him into the field, we count the suitable feet and I tell him before you tear, you must pay me cash. One plant is between 2000 and 2500 CFA. Generally, a good palm tree can offer at least 100 liters of palm wine and by distillation, this wine can give 40 liters of sodabi (a local drink)," he told agridigitale.

On his field, YADOR grows Datura variety composed of three types of nuts namely red, yellow and black.

Who to make them rural tracks?

Their biggest difficulty in the area is the access trail. Especially in the rainy season and after the passage of oxen. The road becomes practically impassable; so very difficult to get there with the bike. They are then forced to go on foot and if there are loads to bring back, they just take what they can carry on the head.

This situation makes some harvests rotting in the fields or the final sale prices in the various markets because sometimes they are forced to sell everything.

Many localities have the same problem. The government and its partners can do something for these disadvantaged groups by providing them with rural roads.

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