Bakpa Aklesso is a farmer at Sotouboua

He is doing corn and rice on his plot and he is always satisfied of his yields.

"My only charge after harvest  is the cost of seeds. And I thank God for that", he told agridigitale.

SOROUBAT about to ruin my business

Aklesso witnesses that he suffured from the building from of National No 1 road by SOROUBAT TG.

"They scrapped my parcel and put water on it. I was affected. But imediately, 

I found a way for their water and refurbished my plot. I hope the yield is going to be better than before", he added.

The secret

Since six years, Aklesso has no knowledge about Togolese Institute of Support and Council (ICAT). Never did he use agricultal inputs. He can not even say the size of his plot.

"I use to burn the rest of the harvest then I let them disassemble in the soil and I always weed my farm. I bury the reclaimed herbs"

Some don’t need a lot of means like others to succeed in Agriculture. Whatever the case, may everybody contributes to the development of the sector.

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