Sometimes, this phenomenon called transhumance causes many troubles in the western and central parts of Africa.

In meeting at Lome, the presidents of Economic Community Of West Africans States(ECOWAS) and Economic Community of East Africans States (ECEAS) countries expressed their indignation concerning the phenomenon and decided to figth together the problems related to transhumance.

In the final declaration of their meeting (the first in the history) in Lome, the heads of states from ECOWAS and ECEAS showed their determination to resolve the problem.

To start, they adviced their ministries of Agriculture and Security to frequently meet organisations of producers and breeders to detect the sources of the problems linked to the phenomenon.

In Togo for example, the gouvernement created prefectoral committees grouping farmers, breeders,  chief of villages who met regularly to talk about the issue.

Generally, they decide of the itinerary to follow.

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