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With their drone, they film aerial images and offer various services either in the shooting of major reports or in the agricultural world.

"For such a large area where the farmer cannot go around his area, he can solicit us and in record time, with the drone we’ll provide him the actual delimitation of his plot," says Awal.

Samuel is ready to bring his expertise as drone operator especially in this world where precision farming become imperative.

"I'm asking producers in large areas to kindly come to us so that together we come up with a work plan. Everything will start with negotiations," adds Samuel, the pilot.

Togo on the road to precision agriculture

The use of drone in agriculture by Samuel and Awal marks the beginning of a great movement that will slowly pack the whole country.

More and more requests are coming in for farms to be filmed for aerial views. That should not stop there because drones serve a lot in modern agriculture.

It allows to follow in real time the evolution of large plot to adapt the phytosanitary treatments with precision out of ordinary and helps to profitably use fertilizer.

Precision farming nowadays makes it possible to reduce risks and ensure good yield.

Agricultural drones are today at the heart of modern agriculture in Europe, USA and also in Africa under the leadership of the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

The overflight of fields or crops by drones equipped with sensors makes it possible to collect important data, more precise images comparing to those returned by satellites.

With the analysis of these data it possible to know with precision the extent of agricultural exploitations, detect weeds and diseases on the crops and inform on the quantity of fertilizer to be used.

It is clear that Togo is not at sidelines of the current transition to data-culture where data will be at the heart of decision-making for more modernized agriculture in Africa.

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