Some succeed and make millions.  On the other hand, others are disappointed because they lose everything.

These frustrations are lifted to Agridigitale newspaper who wished to understand this complex phenomenon that makes millionaires on one hand and completely ruined people on the other hand.

To lift the veil on the secret, is a Dean of the agricultural profession in Togo, Dr. KPEMOUA kossi Essotina, Scientific Director of Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research (ITRA) who shares his many years of experience.

He started pointing out that «  in agriculture, one should never improvise, there are several parameters to take into account » 

The site, the speculation and the market

The site, is where you want to make your plantation. The doctor KPEMOUA advises to make it examinated by  technicians of the Institute of Council and Technology Support(ICAT). They will do a thorough job to chek whether it is a mountainous or forest area.

Speculation is about the product on which you want to invest. It is important to get informations in order to know the variety cycle. This allows to know when harvest compared to the period of seed.

Then, we must know the market of the product. Do not wait for crops to pick up  where to sell. It is from the outset that it begs the question. If I produce where shall I sell?

The operating account

Is the next step according to the Scientific Director of the ITRA. It is at this level that we will know if the production will be profitable or not. It is the relation between the area, the speculation, the investment and the income.

It takes into account the cost of returns of different stages namely tillage, seed, cultivation, processing, harvesting, drying, conditioning or even the transformation.

Know the route of production and how much is each step per hectare and multiply by the number of hectare.

At this level too, it is advisable to apply to the technicians of ICAT. After all these one can develop a bankable project.

The need to do be followed

Even after the seed, we must continue to be followed in order to take advantage of ones production. For example, you sow, there are missing parts, that is, there are plants that are not at the same level, if for example four plants do not rise out of twenty, it's a loss of 20%.

Also, if you miss a period of time indicated by the science, it is losted in advance. This is the case for example of someone who started, he plowed, he bought the seed, he planted but was told of weed and put the fertilizer between the 15th and the 21st day, but more than 21 days already, he had even not yet labor for weeding.

It is to avoid that sort of thing, that it must necessarily to be followed by technicians of ICAT. Especially for a beginner.

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