Present in Lome to reinforce their historical  partnership with Alafia NGO, Don Clark, the vice president of Whole Food Market wants to offer opportunities to Togolese entrepreneurs to export their products to America. He discussed about the issue with Togolese entrepreneurs.

Whole Food Market is in partnership with Alafia NGO, Specialised in the production of soaps, shampoo and products made of coconuts oils and shea butter in sell in USA, Canada and UK.

Out from his meeting on Wednesday, with the prime minister, Komi Selom Klassou, with the presence of Dr David Gilmour, the representative of USA in Togo, he said that « we talked of the opportunities we can have in Togo to have other partnership a part from Alafia».

Whole Food Market  is  specialised in the distribution of biological alimental products.

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