Djarkpanga now connected

The green vegetation suggests to anyone that the area has good rainfall conducive to the development of crops and therefore agriculture.

The soil also has one of the few assets that allow producers to develop various crops including yams a part from cereals.

This week-end, a reporter of agridigitale, with his motorbike left Lome to discover the so called 6th continent in Togo, Djarkpanga.  

On the footsteps of Paradise built by PDRI Mô

More than 15 billion CFA francs were made available to Togolese government to get Mô Plain out of its isolation and make it an attractive and improved living environment for this practically agricultural population.

Early in 2011, the beginning of these actions aimed at putting an end to nightmares in the plain was launched. What to remember 7 years after the launch of the Integrated Rural Development Project of Mô Plain and who is the responsible?

First of all, observations.  The changes made by the project there in the plain for those who know it before 2011, cannot all be rejected.

The project is materialized by effective actions among which the new bridge on Mô River beside which we can still find the traces of the old bridge.

After the crossing of the bridge, there are some surprising schools because of their architecture in such an environment.

In addition, we have indications of community forests to guarantee the environmental aspect of the project.

Some indications of services, tractors exposed on the market square and electrical installations at the entrance of Djarkpanga, are also the traces of paradise insufflated to the plain.

To be continued on next Monday.

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