In lomé for example, urbanization and the new infrastructure built impose on households to find new destinations gor their household waste once dumped directely in the gutters or better, on the wild dumps.

Things have  really changed with to the key, new actors incluiding companies of collections or group of young people without real vocation making contracts with household to empty their waste one or two times in the week.

Rates vary from one household to another relative to its size, or the number of roommates. They range from 1500 to 5000F. CFA and more.

DJANGO embodies this new job

Called Egbe koto, pick up of junk (language spoken in Togo south), Django getted into this new job as a springboard to make money quickly and finish his apprenticeship as a designer.

Very quickly, he took so much taste.

“Initially, I rented the rickshaw to collect wastes from house to house. But thank god, today I owe a rickshaw.

I work six days a week and I can say that with the three towers that I do on a daily basis on the discharge, I do a daily turnover of about 5.000fr.CFA.

Dream of building a house

For the young Django, garbage pick-up being is as for him, being official. He saw his job despite the difficulties.

“Even if we pay at every turn on the discharge 500f.CFA as tax, it is what I live for more than six years and I entend to build my own house with”, he said.

He pointed out that compared to the risks of the trade, especially of disease, he does not triffle with his helth. “At the slightest discomfort, I go straight to the hospital”, testifies him.

Desire a tricycle 

The business of Django works but he needs support to thrive in the collection of waste household in many household thaut continues to make the request.

“It would please me a lot if someone  could help me with a tricycle to do my job but at the moment I just do with what I have on hand.” Points him.

He insists that his  clients relief gives To him total satisfaction.

“When I empty their trash, I am simply animated by a kind of pride”

And I am very happy to make my small contribution to keep the environment in a very good state” he said.

A job not very well seen 

As Django, several garbage collectors face taunts on the part of some who consider them as  real rates.

“often, when I pull the rickshaw in front of  house to empty the garbage, the maisoniers start by ordering me to quickly take away my rubbish there. They call me Egbe koto. In the face of all this me I keep smiling”, noted Django with emotion.

Under the hot sun, in the rain or if  it gets windy, Django and other collectors met this mid-afternoon at Ablogame(suburbain of lome) to continue a single dream, well to empty the garbage from their clients and friends a day at home.

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