We must have to take advantage of technological advances (picture agridigitale)

We never ask to find out what do Togolese farmers do with the support already given to them in order to develop their farm. Individualism, mechanization and the tractor myth pointed out.

The individualism of farmers

It is justified by the fact that in the same family everyone prefers to have his small plot. Even in cooperatives where people are supposed to come together to be stronger to develop and professionalize better, this individualistic spirit does not really change.

Elsewhere, a farm business man is a professional operator who holds at least ten hectares. A poultry farmer for example, is someone with at least 10,000 heads. Here, people are proud to say: "I am a big breeder in my community with 500 heads and I want to go to 1,000," etc. It is true that there are some who have several tens of hectares but they are far from professional.

Mechanization and the myth of the tractor

It is wrongly considered that the tractor is the symbol of agricultural mechanization or agricultural development. It is even wrong to say that the ratio of hectares to low tractors is a sign of "developed" agriculture.

The only advantages of the tractor over a pair of oxen are its speed and power. Although this is not without interest, it is also not a guarantee of growth in yields or productivity.

In fact, the right agricultural production process requires three types of towed equipment: the plow, the cropper and the threshing machine to be completed by other tools such as harrows, seeders, etc.

It is undeniable that the development of our agriculture to support the aims of axis 2 of the PND 2018-2022 is through its mechanization but still it would be necessary to know what to do and how to do it.

In France, 70 years ago, for the exploitation of 100 ha, there were 10 men and 10 horses. Today, for 300 ha we have a man with equipment. It is this agriculture which evolves and which develops.

Today we must have to take advantage of technological advances and experiences capitalized elsewhere to make leaps that bring us closer to real professional farms.

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